About Us

One house, one family, and one block at a time!

Zoё’s Wings Foundation, Incorporated, (Zoё’s Wings) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charitable organization with a goal to revitalize communities and bring hope, achievement, and pride to its families in the inner cities.  Providing ease of the American Dream by providing some assistance with home repairs for those in need with low- to moderate-income. We assist with the planned community developers who are strictly in the line of new affordable homes to first-time home buyers and homeownership including the disabled and veterans.

We provide many supportive services and work with local agencies for homeownership educational purposes and assistance with filling the home needs of low-to-moderate-income families. 

We will advocate for the need for transportation and food resources to include community gardens and entertainment in the community.

We also provide scholarships for graduating youth in the area and work with city youth to build and trade skills for building character and self-worth.

Zoё’s Wings strives to foster collaborations with other charitable organizations that share the same vision of positively impacting the community in a positive manner.

Housing Development & Management

Zoё’s Wings partners with organizations for affordable housing for low-income individuals and families, older adults, people with disabilities, and Veterans; which makes purchasable housing available by offering lower-priced housing.

Housing Rehabilitation Program – Home Improvement & Repairs

Zoё’s Wings provides funding and resources for low- or moderate-income homeowners who need to upgrade their homes to make them attractive, safe, accessible, and energy-efficient.

Many current homeowners; seniors, disabled, or veterans in need of assistance to maintain their homes and may not have the funds, insurance, or other means to do so.  We will work with the City to assess the needs and collaborate with volunteers and business owners to get their house in a safe, clean, and attractive home.  This effort will increase the beauty of a neighborhood, one house, one family, and one block at a time!

Zoё’s Wings collaborates with agencies and the community to rehabilitate old housing and other structures including abandoned buildings in residential neighborhoods in order to provide safe, sanitized, and pleasant places for families to live work, and play.

We also purchase homes at below market value with the intent of rehabilitating with volunteers and employed youth with the help of donations so the homes can be sold at affordable prices.  Profits from the sales of these homes are resources for our rehabilitation programs and for creating more affordable developments in the inner cities.