Community Projects


Back to School Giveaway

Tiffany Brown, of Copperas Cove and a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated donated 150 backpacks to Zoe’s Wings for the youth of Temple Texas. Zoe’s Wings added additional backpacks, Winners Circle stuffed the bags with school supplies and they were distributed on August 21st. Thank you, Tiffany!

Zoe’s Wings Foundation, Inc. will assist with serving the community with CTLC on the 1st Saturday. We need a minimum of 8 volunteers. Please sign up monthly so we know if we have enough cover for the day.

Please help us make this a successful day!


Zoe’s Wings Foundation, Inc. sponsored a “Learn, Grow, Eat, Live” Child Care Garden at A New Day Learning Academy.

Zoe’s Wings Foundation, Inc sponsors community gardens to provide space for residents to work together to create beautiful, productive spaces. East Temple is full of vacant lots which could be magnets for crime, however, well-monitored community gardens offer no place for crime to flourish and may reduce crime in the area immediately surrounding the lot.

Per a 2012 study at the University of Pennsylvania greening vacant lots, it reduces the feelings of depressions in city dwellers.*

Lots can be purchased or donated for the cause to bring local gardeners together and involved in our gardens.  The benefits for the community are for them to spend more time outdoors, to interact with each other, make new friends, and experience improvements into a healthy lifestyle by getting them active improving mental and physical health.  

Community gardens built by the youth and young adults in the community providing fresh, safe, affordable herbs, fruits, and vegetables help to relieve stress and increase a sense of wellness.

Alex Capozolo of Brotherly Love Real Estate, shared with me his writeup on Build a Community Garden on Your Vacant Lot . He states “Overall, adding beautiful greenery and fresh food to otherwise unused land can make the morale and pure strength of a community.” **



Crestview Community Garden
Coming Soon in 2022!


We partner with groups or agencies wishing to create a Pocket Parks space in selective areas to provide a safe and inviting environment for surrounding community residents.


We also partner with groups or agencies wishing to create Neighborhood Dog Parks in selective areas to provide a safe and inviting environment for residents to take their pets out for exercising and playtime unleashed.

Interested in selling your vacant lot or partnering with us with your donated lot please contact us. Your contributions and partnerships have a great place in our hearts!