The Crisis

East Temple is filled with homes that are in despair from lack of funds and resources to lend a hand on maintenance. Some basic qualities have been disrupted from natural elements that take a toll on the safety of their homes

The Vision

Change the housing rehabilitation and affordable homeownership crisis with the support of the community’s volunteers, business partnerships, and philanthropists to achieve the goal of making a difference and helping residents to Get a Lift on LIFE, one house, one family, and one block at a time!

The Impact

Rehabilitation Impact
Fiscal YearAmount RaisedHouseholds Touched
2023 as of Dec1$40,1576
Community Impact
Winter Storm Uri – Water and Mask distribution
Crestview/Wayman Manor Community Cleanup
Crestview Community Fest 2019
Community Volunteering
Community Hires
COVID-19 Repairs

Chad Perrin‘s, a blogger, interpretation on Confucius’ quote “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” ………Give a man the answer, and he’ll only have a temporary solution. Teach him the principles that led you to that answer, and he will be able to create his own solutions in the future.

Fiscal YearHires
2023 as of Dec 11


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