RE Program

REstore REcycle REbuild

We developed the RE Program from home assessments slated for repairs and discovered that they were beyond maintenance. The houses are worsening as they have waited for help over the years. There is usually not just one house area that can need fixing, but the entire home has significant issues. The RE Program has three areas of hope for the homeowners from the community, to REstore, REcycle, or Rebuild. This program falls under the Go East Temple Project and has as well but is a pilot to see how it will impact the homeowners’ needs.

REstore is like our rehabilitation program but goes a little farther to look at the issue and the home’s entire circumstances. Funding may have been limited to the area of concern, but then you realize that other unseen problems need to be completed before the area of concern. For illustration, the matter’s scope is the roof, and a soft bathroom floor needs to be replaced, but then you realize there is no water in the house, and the place is unleveled. Why fix the floor in the bathroom if you have no water to use the bathroom. For this instance, through the REstore Program, we would find the funding to REstore leveling of the house, so we can REstore the water under the house to now REstore the bathroom floor and roof, which was the original concern.


Suppose a house is to be demolished if there are items that can be pulled beforehand to use on another home. Most of the siding in the underserved area is that older slat siding that is hard to match, but if there is a house that fits, we can make some homes beautiful again. Builders with leftover paint, drywall compound, and other materials in large enough quantities to complete at least one room or patchwork. Lumber can also be Recycle, where the builder doesn’t need the entire lumber length purchased. We will take it through our REcycle Program and use it where required, like reinforcements and bracing.


Homes that may have symptoms of the Sick Building Syndrome, homes with poor air circulation, mold, sanitation issues, and an overall deterioration of the home. Our goal is to REbuild at a min three new homes a year. We prefer it if the family can stay with family members during this time, but we will help them find other accommodations.

REstore and REcycle