Go East Temple Project

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Zoё is Greek for LIFE.  Zoё’s Wings is a solution for Lifes’ problems with housing and other family concerns.  

The Program

Go East Temple Project was established when we realized there was a big and urgent need on the East Side of Temple Texas for affordable homes that families can purchase in a low- to moderate-income bracket. To us, the East side of Temple is that East of Interstate 35 and contains most of District 2 which is where most of our focus is. We assist with affordable home communities by providing access to resources for purchasing homes and assist with funding of such communities to assure that the cost of the home is affordable, but the quality remains the same as other homes built-in Temple.

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Health and Safety Repairs

Zoe’s Wings’ Go East Temple Project aids with low- or moderate- income homeowners who need to upgrade their homes to make them attractive, safe, sanitized, accessible and energy efficient. The program revitalize communities and homes with necessary repairs for living in safe and healthy housing. While collaborating with agencies and the community to rehabilitate old housing and other structures including abandoned buildings in residential neighborhoods we provide pleasant places for families to live work and play.

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Go East Temple Project

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Grant Awards

Zoe’s Wings was twice awarded from the City of Temple Community Enhancement Grants for our Go East Temple Project Fiscal Years of 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. The funding of this project will be very beneficial to residents of Temple in need of assistance for necessary home repairs and allow us to service those homes that need special attention for health and safety reasons. Because of their generosity, it will assist us in reaching our goals.
Zoe’s Wings was awarded a $750 Community Grant from Walmart Store Facility 3319 for our Go East Temple Programs.
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One of the hard things about assisting families with necessary repairs is you never have enough funds to meet the needs of them all. One particular family has touched the heart of Zoё’s Wings and that is La’Shunta Leach. Please hear her story in this short video below and donate in kind, monetary or volunteer your professional services to get her family back in her home.

A Cry for La’Shunta

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Volunteer your time and services here

November 22, 2019 Interview with Ann Harder, Central Texas Living @25KXXV

Progress December 2019

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Employment opportunities are given for learning a trade, skill development is offered to the youth to encourage self-improvement and pride in what they fix and build in their own neighborhoods. We encourage our builders in our communities to hire from within the areas of the developments and encourage them to assist with the repair of the exterior of the surrounding home-owners to develop a beautiful community full of pride.

Our services are for the single parent, seniors, disabled and veterans in the low- to moderate-income bracket.

Anti-discrimination Policy
Zoё’s Wings Foundation, Inc. and its members do not institute or uphold discrimination on the basis of race, age, ancestry, sex, color, creed, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, handicap or citizenship.

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As of November 1, 2019
  1. This chart represents the 35 homes that Zoe’s Wings Foundation received from the City of Temple or received by referrals.   For each of these homes, Zoe’s Wings have performed a repair assessment.  The results yielded various levels of repairs.
  2. For the 35 impacted homes, this chart reflects the different type of home repairs and the percentage of homes that needs those type of repairs.

Phase 1

Congratulations to the inaugural recipients of our Go East Temple Project! This is only the beginning of our East Temple Rehabilitation Program

Note: This pie reflects the number of repairs per recipient they will receive based on the necessity and it may or may not complete the repairs needed for their home or reflect the magnitude of that repair.

Phase I & Phase II

These 11 clients were selected to be part of Phase I of the Rehabilitation Program.  The selection criteria were based on the severity of repairs and what can be obtained before the end of the 2019 Fiscal Year.  Most of these homes have severe foundation issues, which have caused subsequent issues such as badly leaking roofs, cracked walls, plumbing, and electrical issues.  Some of these homes have no running water and no heat.  As a result, Zoe’s Wings included these homes to be part of Phase I.  Since the Rehabilitation Program is funded by grants and sponsorship, Phase II residents will be part of the 2020 fiscal year.  Will provide details once funded of the Phase II recipients.

Phase II

These clients were selected to be part of Phase II of the Rehabilitation Program.  The selection criteria were based on the severity of repairs and what can be obtained by April. However, with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have pushed back work completions for the safety of our volunteers, staff, workers as well as our clients.

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